10 NBA Players Who Never Should Have Been Traded

Written by Jeff Smith

10 NBA Players Who Never Should Have Been Traded

The NBA is one of the most active leagues when it comes to trade deadlines and trading in general. While previous years have ramped up the trade market quite a bit, huge trades occurred in the NBA at least 50-plus years ago, too.

The 2016 NBA offseason featured a few major trades, including Derrick Rose heading to New York to pair up with Carmelo Anthony. While that trade was a big one, we’re going to look at 10 specific players who never should have been traded, whether it hurt their old team, their new team, or more importantly, themselves.

1. Kobe Bryant

10 NBA Players Who Never Should Have Been Traded

Kobe Bryant | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

You knew this one was coming. When the Charlotte Hornets traded Kobe Bryant to the Los Angeles Lakers for Vlade Divac, the move was criticized by NBA fans all over the world — and it’s still denounced today. What would life be like if the Hornets had held on to Bryant? This is, and always will be, a complete unknown.

Another questionable factor: Would Charlotte have been able to keep the Black Mamba in town after his original contract ran out anyway? Either way, fans still painfully reflect on trading Bryant away from the Hornets.

The NBA has witnessed so many bad trades over the years, but these 10 specific players should have never been moved to other teams.


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