7 Professional Athletes That Everybody Loved No Matter What

Written by Ryan Davis

7 Professional Athletes That Everybody Loved No Matter What

For a lot of fans, part of sports is being able to enjoy it without thinking too much. This may mean blindly rooting for your team and its players, despite the type of people they might be off the court, which we often don’t really know or care to know about. That also might mean falling in love with the last man on the bench or the low-talent guy who somehow seems to maximize what he has. However, most of the time, those guys are still pretty bad. Here are seven fan favorites who were just bad ballplayers.

1. Brian Scalabrine

7 Fan Favorites Who Just Weren't Very Good

Brian Scalabrine (L) and Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics look dejected on the bench | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Well-known during his tenure with the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls, this red-haired power forward actually lasted 11 total years in the NBA. Over that time period, Brian Scalabrine became quite the fan favorite, with crowds often chanting his name toward the end of blowout games and going crazy any time he touched the ball. He even got the nickname “The White Mamba,” a play on Kobe Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname.

But Scal wasn’t very good at basketball. He averaged just 3.1 points over his career, playing an average of 13 minutes. The best season of his career came early with the New Jersey Nets, when he averaged 21.6 minutes and 6.3 points per game back in 2004-05. Scalabrine retired at 33 years old after the 2011-12 season.

Most fans have one guy who they just love to cheer for, but most of the time the “fan favorites” turns out to be bad ballplayers and nothing more.


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