Foreman Made a Strong Case for the Texans

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Foreman Made a Strong Case for the Texans Rick Smith had a wish list of draft prospects whom he thought would make really good fits with the Houston Texans. When the third round rolled around, one of those names on Smith’s list who was still available was University of Texas running back D’Onta Foreman. 
The Texans had Foreman as one of their more highly rated running back prospects. The former Doak Walker award winner rushed for 2,016 yards for the Longhorns. Evaluations on film were the easy part for the Texans when it came to looking at Foreman as a runner. 
“Productive,” Smith said shortly after selecting Foreman. “Adds balance to the offense, is a powerful runner, good vision, good feet, good foot quickness, so we like the addition for our running game for both both those guys (referring to Foreman and Lamar Miller).” 
What caught the Texans off-guard is the fact that, after inviting him to the local pro-day, Foreman refused to miss it, even after working out for another NFL team the day before. A rule of local pro-days is that players who are in the metropolitan areas, set to workout, have to drive themselves to the event. Foreman, who is a Texas City native, took it upon himself to make sure he put himself in front of the Texans coaching staff. 

“Early that morning. I had to get up at 6 o’clock that morning,” Foreman said of the work out with the Texans.  
“I had went up there to work out for them at area day; they were so happy that I came out there,” Foreman explained. “They were telling me how big that was because I had a workout the day before when I drove down to Houston to workout with those guys.” 
Foreman continued, “They all knew I had worked out previous to coming to them, so everybody was excited for me to be there. I was excited to be there.”…
That single move made a strong impression with the Texans, especially running back coach Charles London as well as with Bill O’Brien himself. Foreman was considered one of the top prospects at the running back position, not only rushing for 2,016 yards, more importantly he had 1,142 yards that came after contact. 
“D’Onta Foreman, this guy, what stood out to me probably the most about this guy was – well, I will say this, was him showing up to the local workout,” O’Brien explained. “That was a big thing because he was a top-rated back and I’ve rarely seen that with local workouts that I’ve been involved with.”
Like many prospects, Foreman slipped into the third round after he heard five running backs’ names called before his. The questions of where he would end up came to a halt after the Texans made the phone call for him to come to Houston. 
“I can tell if a place is right for me,” Foreman said of his first meeting with the Texans. “I just knew when I first got there that was a place that I could play.”
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D’Onta Foreman showing up at the Houston Texans local pro day put him on the teams’ wish list.


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