NFL Draft: Thoughts Before Day 3

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NFL Draft: Thoughts Before Day 3 The Cleveland Browns have done a very good job in the NFL Draft so far. We can say that not based on what we know the players will become but by who the players are today as prospects.
The Browns have matched talent to need very well. They dealt with their issues on defense with Garrett, Peppers and Ogunobi while adding high-level physical talent on offense with Njoku and Kizer to the offense.
Some are not sold on Kizer, obviously neither were the Browns to pass on him all the way to #52, but if you believe in Hue Jackson’s ability to get the best out of a player, Kizer has the physical gifts.
In the end, the Browns got a QB that some had as the #1 guy at the position. Many others didn’t have a huge gap between the top 4 QBs and the Browns were the only team that didn’t have to trade up, and get rid of high assets, to get their new QB.
All while getting high-level talent, getting an extra 1st Round pick and keeping their extra picks next year.
The Browns have widdled away their needs with their first 5 picks. They enter Day 3 with 5 more but some limited roster space available.
Due to the move up to get Njoku, the Browns don’t pick until the 5th Round but could find their way to trade up pretty quickly.
A few more thoughts for today:
A bad storm here has already cut out power twice, I might be left without internet and TV today.
The Browns want to add high-level talent and could try to move up but want to keep most of the high picks next year.
Brock O and Cam Erving are on the trade block and could be dealt today.
Most NFL Draft trades involving players occur on Day 3, after the earlier picks make players expendable.
The Browns could double dip at a few position including QB and TE.
The Browns still need a quality free safety if possible. Eddie Jackson is my guy there but there are other interesting options.
The Browns like their corners more than you might.
Improved pass rush and safety play could be huge for the corners performance next year.
There are a couple of guys named Xavier I would mind adding to this team.
The Browns are ultra creative, so I don’t expect anything less today.
Dede Westbrook could go undrafted from everything I’ve heard.
This year, the Browns could actually be in a position to cut good players because they have better players.
With the OL, weapons, Hue Jackson and a defense that could be very good, Kessler and Kizer are in much better positions than anyone the last few years at QB.
I still want Josh Gordon to return.
The Browns likely move on from Josh Gordon when he is reinstated. If he is reinstated.
Imagine a clean, motivated Gordon with Coleman, Britt, DeValve, Njoku, Duke, Crow and Darius Jackson!
On to more realistic things, I think the Browns are looking at a number of veterans in trades or when released today.
Rashaad Coward is a small school option UDFA signing possibility.
I’m excited to take a look at a projected Browns Depth Chart starting this afternoon.
Final Rounds NFL Mock Draft:
Once again, I use FanSpeak for these. Really helpful, especially later in the Draft. Day 3 is always chaos with trades everywhere so it is very unlikely the Browns pick at many of these spots:
Round 5 Pick 145: QB Joshua Dobbs – Dobbs is the perfect 3rd QB with Kizer and Kessler. Smart, hard worker and mature beyond his years.Round 5 Pick 175: FS Eddie Jackson – Falling due to injury and Alabama players’ injury history. Jackson can play centerfield and return punts next to Peppers perfectly.Round 5 Pick 181: RB Joe Williams – Still a lot of talent at RB in the Draft and Williams is a good pick here that could develop into a starter in a few years.Round 6 Pick 185: K Zane Gonzalez – Might as well get the best player at his position when you have this many picks. Parkey was good but competition is better.Round 6 Pick 188: WR Dede Westbrook – He could go undrafted. He could be off the Browns board. Westbrook also could fill a valuable role from the slot if he gets it together.
How are we feeling today Browns fans?
As we prepare for Day 3 of the NFL Draft, a few thoughts and predictions.


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