Pro-style system prepared Darboh for NFL

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Pro-style system prepared Darboh for NFL Amara Darboh just might be more uniquely prepared than most as he transitions to the NFL after being selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the third round of the NFL Draft.
It’s no secret that Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh demands excellence in a very demanding system. He runs a program like he would an NFL team, preparing his players for what it will be like at the next level. For the offensive players like Darboh, the system installed on offense also helps prepares players for the next level as well.
“I think my speed is something that people question at first,” Darboh told reporters in a conference call. “I think this season and at the combine I think I proved that I have speed. My routes, also, coming from a pro-style, I think I’m a great route runner. I know I have things to work on and I know that I’m going to continue to work on them. Coming from a pro-style, I’m forced to run a lot of NFL routes and breaking routes.”
For Darboh, he is thankful that he was able to go through the grueling practices and everything else that Harbaugh threw at his players in Ann Arbor. Darboh now says that it helped him develop an NFL mindset that he will be bringing to Seattle this season.
“It helped a lot,” Darboh said. “Not only with the coaches he had around me and the way he ran his meetings, but when he came in [Harbaugh had] that NFL system mindset. Just the way he treated us, he treated us like pros and that’s going to bring me to the next level.”
Harbaugh and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll have a unique relationship. Bitter rivals at the collegiate level while both were at USC and Stanford, the rivalry extended to the NFL as Harbaugh became the 49ers head coach and Carroll taking over the Seahawks head coaching position.
With Harbaugh not being a very popular person in the Seattle area, some might be surprised to learn that the demanding coach was respected by his players at U-M.
“I loved Coach Harbaugh, he was great,” Darboh said. “He’s a guy that is the same all the time. He’s very honest and I think, for a player, that’s key to have a coach that is honest with you with telling you things that you need to work on and helps you compete. He told all of us to compete on offense, defense and special teams. I took that heart to heart and tried to apply it to all phases of the game.”
Amara Darboh is now prepared for the NFL challenges ahead thanks to Michigan’s pro-style system in place by head coach Jim Harbaugh.


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