Who wants a Game 7?

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Who wants a Game 7?

If you don’t love Steve Ballmer at his Devastated By Joe Johnson’s Daggers, you don’t deserve him at his Apoplectic At Chris Paul’s Genius. The Point God struck again Friday night, racking up 29 and eight as the best player on the floor by no small measure. He did it in Utah, one of the toughest places for road teams to play. He did it facing elimination and with Blake Griffin out.

Game 7 will be Sunday (3:30 p.m. ET, ABC). That will be our only Game 7 in the first round, though.

The Wizards went up big on the Hawks in their Game 6 on Friday … and the Hawks steadily climbed back into it, getting close late in the fourth. Then John Wall went fully bonkers, dropping 12 straight points on a mix of jumpers and drives to the rim. Then he taunted Julio Jones, sitting courtside, and said goodbye to Atlanta. So petty!

The Celtics went up big on the Bulls in their Game 6 on Friday … and finished the job in completely undramatic fashion. As it turns out, the Bulls are exactly who we thought they were. They were fun to watch for exactly two games this year.

These results mean that Clippers-Jazz Game 7 will be joined by Game 1 of FUNERAL SERIES on Sunday (1 p.m. ET, ABC). Get ready for salt. We’re going to be covered in it.

Playoff scores …

Wizards 115, Hawks 99 (WAS wins 4-2)

Celtics 105, Bulls 83 (BOS wins 4-2)

Clippers 98, Jazz 93 (Series tied 3-3)

… And links galore

We’re going to keep things rather brief down here to discuss a couple of items.

The first is ESPN NBA writer Royce Young’s incredibly moving essay about the decision he and his wife Keri made to bring their terminal baby to term so that her organs could be donated. It’s such a powerful piece, and the bravery of the Youngs knows no bounds. You can find out how to become an organ donor at

The second item: the massive layoffs at ESPN, particularly among the NBA staff. On Friday, we learned that Marc Stein, Henry Abbott, Chad Ford, and David Thorpe have been laid off by ESPN. The combination of talent, work ethic, and good-heartedness these people all have is unparalleled. It’s a sad week in NBA media. And frankly, it’s a little hard to understand.

No basketball on Saturday. Hug your loved one, visit a friend, play catch with your tortoise. We’ll be back on Monday to overreact to Wiz-C’s Game 1 and Jazz-Clips Game 7.

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