Instant Draft Analysis: Davis Webb

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Instant Draft Analysis: Davis Webb The New York Giants sent out a call to Eli Manning last night to inform him of their QB selection in the third-round. Of course, Manning knows his time in the NFL is limited and that the Giants need to begin preparing for the future.

 Their 87th overall pick is a massive decision for the franchise, since they have publicly indicated it’s time to start raising a young QB. 

The infancy of Webb proves to hold true, as he has his weaknesses. But learning for a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback is exactly what he needs to develop into a starting caliber player.

The Giants had Webb ranked much higher than the rest of the NFL, something Jerry Reese has been found to do. 

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The prediction was that he would be selected in the late first-round, but when he dropped to the third it was a no brainer. 

Webb has all the intangibles: Height, mobility, footwork and a prototypical Giants quarterback body. 

When addressed about the selection Jerry Reese stated, ““Obviously, we would like for him to have a couple of years to be the caddie and learn the pro game and all the nuances of playing quarterback in this league. But he has all the tools to play the quarterback, and we think that he has a high ceiling and hopefully he can sit on the sideline, hold a clipboard and learn the game.”

Personally, I like the pick. I predicted Nathan Peterman out of Pitt to be the guy, but Webb has a high ceiling and after watching is film, I think he could develop nicely under Eli. 

The Giants don’t play games when it comes to quarterbacks, and despite Ryan Nassib not being the guy, there was never a chance he would be Eli’s replacement anyway. 

Ben McAdoo knows how to raise a young quarterback. The old Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre story is always a great QB Cinderella story. 

Hopefully, Big Blue can recreate the magic Favre instilled in Rodgers.

Grade: B

The New York Giants have found their heir to the throne, selecting David Webb in the third-round has Big Blue preparing for life after Eli.


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