Scouting Report: Davis Webb

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Scouting Report: Davis Webb With the 87th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Quarterback Davis Webb from Cal. This draft pick confirms what many Giant fans have been fearing, the eventual end of Eli Manning career. This is not a goodbye though to Manning, this is far from it. Consider this an opportunity for the Giants to begin grooming their next potential franchise Quarterback over the next three seasons.
            Davis Webb is a 6’5, 229 lb. Quarterback that can truly sling the football across the field. When he has time in the pocket, Davis can complete any pass, with crisp accuracy, and with enough arm power. He has shown to handle blitzes quite well in college, delivering the ball with a quick release in the face of pressure. Davis Webb has also displayed good awareness, knowing when the ball has been in his hands too long. He also finished in the Top 5 in every drill he completed at the NFL Combine for Quarterbacks, showing off a truly athletic build that should translate to success at the next level.
            Webb does have his shortcomings that will need to be addressed as he transitions to the NFL. Davis Webb seems to already have his mind made up before the play develops, regardless of the coverage faced, which will not translate well to sustained success. Needs to improve his eye work, manipulating safeties to stutter in their decision making, allowing separation down the field. Accuracy issues are there, either underthrowing the target or sailing them over the receiver’s head. If forced to scramble from the pocket, Davis Webb has struggled with his throws.
  Now, Giants fans are going to immediately see the parallel between the Giants current situation, and the Packers of 2005. Brett Favre’s eventual successor, Aaron Rodgers was drafted with the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, and sat behind a future Hall of Famer for three full seasons, until Brett Favre eventually left for the New York Jets. However, Brett Favre was not a teacher to Rodgers. The biggest factor to watch over the next few seasons will be how Eli Manning either teaches Davis Webb, or shuns him. The Giants don’t need Davis Webb to be ready this season, or even next season as well, this is truly a developmental pick. Eli will be turning 39 at the end of his current contract, so the end of the 2019 NFL season may now will mark the end of an era for the Giants, and the start of a new era under Davis Webb.  

The Giants Beat breaks down the quarterback who could eventually take over for Eli Manning once No. 10 retires.


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