Bill Belichick says ESPN’s report on his relationship with Tom Brady is ‘fake news’

Bill Belichick says ESPN’s report on his relationship with Tom Brady is ‘fake news’

If you think Bill Belichick could be on the outs with Tom Brady and the quarterback’s camp, the Patriots coach has news for you. That’s “fake news.”

Belichick made his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Dale & Holley with Keefe” on Monday and, while on the show, he addressed some tidbits from ESPN The Magazine’s recent profile on Brady. Specifically, there were multiple aspects of the piece that suggested Belichick’s relationship with Brady could be strained.

According to the profile, an unidentified friend of Belichick claimed that “a collision is coming” between the Patriots coach and Alex Guerrero, Brady’s trusted trainer. Another unattributed quote says that Belichick was “confident he could win a Super Bowl” with now-former Pats backup Jimmy Garoppolo, who was traded to the 49ers last week.

However, Belichick warns that you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

“I mean, as usual, I think a lot of comments in the article you’re referring to were unattributed to anybody, if I am not mistaken,” Belichick said on the radio program. “I don’t think anybody said anything. This is just a general random opinion about I am not sure exactly what. If we would like to talk about somebody who has an informed opinion about something that is one thing, I mean otherwise we’re just talking about a lot of fake news here about just putting out a lot of things that are unattributable. As usual. I’d say we get a lot of that.”

Belichick also took time to clarify Guerrero’s role, which is completely independent of the organization.

“Alex works with Tom and Tom’s facility. And that’s really about the end of it,” the coach said. “If a player goes up there for a second opinion or a treatment or whatever, then that’s fine. No different than one who went to his own chiropractor or massage therapist, or whatever it happens to be.”

“He’s not on our staff,” he explained. “Our staff, our training staff, our nutrition staff, our equipment staff, you know, those are all contained within the Patriots. Alex and his staff at TB12 and Tom’s role in TB12, that’s kind of a separate business.”

And if you’re the kind of person who enjoys getting your football news from the Golf Channel, you may have seen a report from the network’s Ryan Burr last week suggesting that Belichick’s relationship with Brady “isn’t great.” After the Garoppolo deal, Burr reported that Belichick isn’t particularly loyal to the quarterback that has won five Super Bowls in New England, and the trade was a gesture of loyalty from Patriots owner Robert Kraft to Brady.

When Belichick was directly asked about his current relationship with Brady, his response seems to refute those reports as well. 

“Good. Consistent,” he said. “I’ve met with Tom at least twice a week for the last 16 years.”

It seems that if you want to come at Belichick with reports of tension within his organization, you should find a way to get your sources on the record. Otherwise, the coach clearly has no problem shooting it down with a declaration of “fake news.”


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