Pacman Jones says he was ‘almost killed’ by downed power line after practice

Pacman Jones says he was ‘almost killed’ by downed power line after practice

Bengals defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones apparently had quite the harrowing experience while driving home from practice on Thursday. 

During the middle of rush hour traffic, a power line along I-275 fell to the ground, which caused a major traffic headache in Cincinnati. Jones was actually so close to the power line that it appeared to do damage to his car. The Bengals veteran shared some video of his black SUV, which was smoking and had some damage to the hood. 


Pacman Jones shared an image of what appeared to be his car after a power line went down in Cincinnati.  Instagram/RealPacMan24

During his Instagram video, Jones said that he “almost got killed” during the incident. 

“Man, I’ve just seen the craziest s— in the world,” Jones said in his Instagram story. “I’m driving, these power lines just fall down out of nowhere, bruh, in the middle of the highway. I almost got killed.”

The Bengals defensive back also added that he’s just happy to be alive. 

“I’m just so happy I’m alright, man,” Jones said. “If I wouldn’t have came across, man, I might be dead.”

The downed power line caused a traffic nightmare in Cincinnati. 

According to WCPO in CIncinnati, the westbound lane of I-275 was closed for nearly an hour while the power company fixed the downed lines. In the image below, Jones is in the traffic on the left side of the freeway. 

The good news for Jones is that he came out of the incident unscathed, which means he’ll still be playing on Sunday against the Titans. This is probably one game Jones doesn’t want to miss, and that’s mainly because it will mark his first game in Tennessee since he fizzled out with the Titans after a controversial two seasons with the team. 

If you want to see exactly what happened during the Jones incident, TMZ has the video from his Instagram story


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