WATCH: Nate Burleson remembers when Brock Lesnar suplexed a Chiefs player

WATCH: Nate Burleson remembers when Brock Lesnar suplexed a Chiefs player

Brock Lesnar may not have replicated his WWE success on the football field during a short stint with the Minnesota Vikings during the 2004 preseason, but for former Vikings wideout Nate Burleson, the big man did more than enough to be remembered as an NFL player.

As told in a Thursday edition of CBS Sports Shorts, the legend of Lesnar was made when he ended a 2004 training camp fight … by suplexing a Kansas City Chiefs player.

“So a bit of a scuffle breaks out at practice,” Burleson explains, recalling preparations for a scrimmage between the Vikings and Chiefs on a hot day that had players on edge. “Daunte Culpepper, he gets shoved in the back. He looks around, identifies the guy. Brock runs over to him, picks him up off the ground. He says, ‘Daunte, who did it?’ Smoke is flying out of his nostrils, he’s clenching those cinder-block fists of his.”

Most training camp scuffles, Burleson notes, don’t include any “real blows.” Essentially, they’re nothing more than an “aggressive pillow fight.”

“But when you get a monster like Brock on your side, all bets are off,” he explains. “So when Lesnar finally got his hands on this dude, he gave a grown man a full-blown suplex. I mean, Brock drove him down the express lane of Suplex City and then back again. It was like the Royal Rumble came to Minnesota.”

A four-time WWE champion, Lesnar wrestled at the University of Minnesota before going pro. Before embarking on a mixed martial arts career, he tried his hand at football, working out for — and eventually signing with — the Vikings after a showing at the NFL Scouting Combine. He signed with the team in July and was released just over a month later but appeared in Minnesota’s preseason games, earning an invite to play for the now-defunct NFL Europe.


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