Julian Edelman is about to drop the sequel to his kids book about a super squirrel

Julian Edelman is about to drop the sequel to his kids book about a super squirrel

The New England Patriots have been thriving without star wide receiver Julian Edelman in 2017.

And Julian Edelman has been thriving without the Patriots.

Ever since the two-time Super Bowl champion went down with a torn ACL in August, the Pats have, well, made their case as repeat Super Bowl contenders, entering Week 14 atop the AFC at 10-2.

Edelman, meanwhile, has become a New York Times best-selling author thanks to his October memoir “Relentless,” and now he’s ready to drop his second book of the year: “Flying High 2,” the sequel to his 2016 thriller — er, children’s book — on “perseverance, passion and acorns,” is slated to hit shelves on Friday.

The book follows in the footsteps of the hero from the original “Flying High:”

It is about a scrappy squirrel named Jules who teams up with his friends (including Tom “the goat”) to teach young readers about persevering and believing in themselves.

If getting a glimpse at Tom “the goat” doesn’t make the book immediately worth a buy, then what does?

Maybe the surprise appearance of Bill “The Owl” Belichick teased by Edelman on Twitter Thursday?

Or maybe the fact that Edelman’s super squirrel tales are loosely based on true events. The first edition of the “Flying High” series notes that the injured Patriots receiver “grew up among the Redwood trees of Northern California” and earned the nickname “Squirrel” in professional football because he’s “small, speedy and energetic.”

Source: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/julian-edelman-is-about-to-drop-the-sequel-to-his-kids-book-about-a-super-squirrel/

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